Racinel Comfort Take Care cat litter Aloe Vera

Racinel Comfort is made of 100% natural montmorillonite, with a lovely, fresh aloe vera scent added! Thanks to the fine consistency and aloe vera scent, it will keep the litter box fresh longer.

Excellent clumping makes the litter very long-lasting and easy to use. Changing the litter is effortless as it is 99% dustless. 

  • White, clumping montmorillonite cat litter scented with aloe vera
  • Mild and pleasant scent
  • 100% natural product
  • Very long-lasting
  • The package features a sturdy, durable handle
  • Package sizes 6 kg and 15 kg

Composition: Made of 100% natural montmorillonite

Use: Pour about 7 cm of the litter on the bottom of the litter box. Remove any clumps and solid excrement regularly with a litter scoop and add new litter when necessary. Disinfect the litter box sufficiently often. 

Store: Once opened: in a dry place, keep the package closed. Unopened: in a dry place.

Disposal: With household waste. Do not pour cat litter in the sewer.