Racinel Original shoe

The Racinel Chewie product range contains light- and dark-coloured chew bones, knotted chew bones, pressed bones, chew twists, rolls, balls and shoes. A perfect chew bone will give your dog a lot of happy chewing moments, while cleaning their teeth and strengthening their jaw muscles. Chew bones are made of beef hide. When selecting the perfect chew bone, you have to take into account the size, breed and chewing power of the dog.

  • Racinel Chewie chew shoe 12 cm
  • Dog food
  • Traditional chew bones contain very little fat, and they are free from colourants and preservatives.

Composition: Washed, dried and heat-treated beef hide

Use: Chew suited for all dogs. Make sure your dog always has access to fresh water. Remember to supervise your dog when they have a chew product.

Store: In a dry, cool place.

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