Racinel Snacks Beef Sticks Beef

The Racinel Snack product range offers great treats for all dogs. The treats have are tested and safe and  they have been developed for the dog’s well-being.  

The tasty steak sticks do not contain any sugars or gluten from wheat. Vitamins have been added to support the daily diet of the dog. 

  • Meaty steak stick for dogs
  • Supplementary dog food
  • Weight 12 g


* Meat and animal derivatives 87%, of which 91% is beef

* Oils and fats

* Minerals

* Cereals and derivatives of vegetable origin

Use: A meaty treat suited for rewarding the dog or as a daily snack. Offer 1–3 steak strips per day, depending on the dog's size. Always have fresh water available.

Picking the right treat for your dog is important and the age, size and possible allergies of a dog should be taken into account when selecting the treat. The Racinel Snack product range features products from soft snacks to crunchy, crispy treats.

Store: In a dry, cool place.