Racinel Snacks Beefstick bits beef&game

The Racinel Snack product range offers great treats for all dogs. The treats have are tested and safe and they have been developed for the dog’s well-being.  

  • Steak stick bites
  • Supplementary dog food
  • Weight 60 g


* Meat and animal derivatives 87%, of which 73% is beef and 17% is farmed game.

* Oils and fats

* Minerals

* Cereals and derivatives of vegetable origin

Does not contain any sugars or gluten from wheat. Vitamins have been added to support the daily diet of a dog.

Use: A soft and meaty treat suited for rewarding the dog or as a daily snack. Offer 5–20 bites per day, depending on the dog's size and activity level. Always keep fresh water available. Use within 3 days of opening the package.

Picking the right treat for your dog is important and the age, size and possible allergies of a dog should be taken into account when selecting the treat. The Racinel Snack product range features products from soft snacks to crunchy, crispy treats.

Store: In a dry, cool place.

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